Frequently Asked Questions


So, you have questions? Let us try to answer them for you…

How long will it take for someone to master the concepts you teach?

The concepts we teach here at Just About Trading can be mastered by anyone who has the discipline and determination to learn. We generally find that the theory behind our strategies and techniques can be learnt within a month. Of course, the actual, successful application, whether on a demo or live trading account, varies depending on experience and personal learning style. The “typical trader” will take 3 – 6 months to fully master our concepts.

Is there a recommended amount of money to start trading with?

People who want to do this properly generally fund their accounts with at least $5,000 which is a benchmark for trading a personal account.

Why are you offering the programmes? If it is this good then why sell it at all instead of making money trading it?

We do both, we trade what we teach and this makes us a far greater income than we make from selling the programmes. However we also enjoy the teaching and mentoring aspect as it keeps us connected with other people. Also there is a huge market for quality online trading education which is our stepping stone onto other projects we have planned to be released soon.

What Style of Trading do you Teach?

If you are looking to trade Forex exclusively then start with our Forex 101 and Bank Manipulation Courses which include over 18 hours of step by step video instruction and over 20 Lessons. Many traders succeed by focusing on one market and becoming and expert in it. There is no doubt that Forex offers tremendous income opportunities for the astute trader. Suited to day traders, you will learn all the strategies we teach, along with ongoing trader support and forum access

The Master Trader and Multi-Asset Funded Trader course includes over 30 hours of video instruction, 13 Modules, and 55 individual lessons. Designed to develop students into confident Swing or Position traders, who have the ability to trade any market, any timeframe and any asset class from anywhere in the world. Suitable for both new and experienced traders alike, this course is the perfect way to gain an edge in your current trading or to start a new career in trading multiple asset classes, such as Stocks, Commodities, FX, Bonds and Futures.

Do you have a track record?How do we know you’re not just another trading education company pretending to be traders rather than real successful traders?

Good question – simple answer. We have recently opened up an account for the purpose of showing a track record using the exact same techniques we teach so watch this space. Although we have our own accounts and investors accounts that we trade, we use a combination of strategies so it would be difficult for you to distinguish between what we are achieving and what you could achieve as your exact trade execution may differ from ours. We tend to be private individuals also rather than broadcasting our accounts on the web. What we do though is encourage you to go through our website and take advantage of the videos to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of our offering. If you have any questions you can also contact us.

How do you identify your trade setups?

Our Traders scan through hundreds of financial market charts on a daily basis, looking for only the best trade setups. We use a special combination, of

Swing Trades

  • Advanced Fibonacci price and time ratios analysis
  • Harmonic pattern recognition
  • ABCD Patterns
  • Elliot wave counts when appropriate
  • Dual Time Frame Momentum
  • Multiple timeframe entry techniques


  • Confluence
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Stop Runs
  • Bank manipulation levels

Access to our elite trading group, and trade alert section within your dashboard, which comes free with this service, will provide you with clear step by step instructions, on high probability low-risk trade setups in a vast variety of stocks, indices, commodities and forex.

What timeframes do you trade?

Trade alerts will typically be based on trade setups identified on the 15 Minute, Hourly, Daily, and Weekly timeframes. We will then execute our trade entry against the identified setup on a lower timeframe. This allows us to refine our entry techniques and provides the best possible entry price for ourselves and our subscribers.

Do you trade every day?

We are at our trading desks every Monday to Friday throughout the year however, we do not trade on UK or US national holidays due to low trading volumes.

Are you regulated?

No, the service is purely educational in its nature. Please ensure that you are happy to accept our trading/risk disclosure by reading it HERE.