This is exactly what the Master Trader Programme covers – how to unravel the secret order and structure of the markets so that you can know ahead of time what the market will do and when. Sounds unbelievable? Check out our recent setup videos where we document what we were looking for ahead of time and what actually happened here….

 If you’re looking for the ultimate cutting edge trading education, then this program will blow your mind. Our course includes,  28 hours of video instruction,  with bar by bar chart examples and clear visual explanations of every key point and aspect of our trading methodology. By the time you finish our course, you will have a clear and unique edge over other traders in the market place, let us repeat that – you will have a clear and unique edge over other traders, and be able to confidently make money trading any market on any time frame, from anywhere in the world. What is that worth to you?

How we teach you:

We take you step-by-step through our proven trading approach. Our methodology utilities advanced price action analysis, Fibonacci ratios, time analysis and harmonic pattern recognition techniques. These have been proven to have unparalleled predictive qualities in the world of technical analysis. Many traders use Fibonacci and Harmonic Pattern analysis  incorrectly without realizing, which is why they are not able to get consistent results with them. We show you how to use them correctly in a very advanced way that only the top traders and funds in the world use.

Course Content

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