Have you ever had your stop loss taken out only for price to then go in your intended direction? Or have you entered a trade only for price to reverse and go in the exact opposite position? Ever wondered why that happens? It’s because your stops have been hunted by market makers and the big banks to provide liquidity for their position. Often times they will be buying when you’re looking to sell and selling when you’re looking to buy! How do you get out of such a frustrating spiral? Only by putting on the eyes of a market maker. This is what our Forex programme is all about – being able to think and act like a market maker instead of a market victim.

Advanced Concepts

  • Understanding bank manipulation and how to profit from it
  • Identifying smart money movements in the short term and long term time-frames
  • Intra-day market structure and daily positioning of each currency pair
  • Price prediction techniques
  • Impulse, momentum and accumulation – methods of order distribution
  • Locating smart money trading levels to initiate trades
  • Identifying additional high probability trading zones
  • Entry techniques and trading criteria
  • Distinguishing between ideal and non ideal setups
  • Structured explanation of our main powerful institutional trading strategy
  • Detailed step by step trade examples for complete clarity