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Learning To Trade?

You have heard that you can make money trading the markets but, you don’t know who to learn from and the cost of training is a major factor.

We can help.


Trading but still struggling?

You have learned to trade but your trading success is inconsistent. You lose more trades than you win and you have been on a losing streak.

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You have been trained by others and they have shut the door on you because they want you pay thousands more to teach you things you don’t need.

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You are NOT Alone.

95% of what most people learn about trading is ineffective, as most training companies focus on the visual after effects of price movements within the financial markets, rather than the underlying causes.
Carl Woodhouse ( Head Trader& Co-Founder )

Why join Just About Trading?


Just About Trading specializes in turning normal people into professional traders as well as giving professional traders an extra edge. How? By teaching you institutional level trading techniques that few other trading education providers can match.

Why do markets move? Who moves them? When do the moves begin and when do they end? What is the true underlying structure of the markets? The most important question of all – how do you make money consistently? To find the answers to these questions, browse through our site and sign up to one of our programs to get your edge in the markets.

We trade bank manipulation levels, hidden support and resistance zones using Fibonacci & Elliot waves as well as analyzing market structure using hedge fund level trading tools. All our strategies are based around objective rules which make the trading decision process straightforward. So your trading can be either complex and confused or simple and smart, your choice…..


With the Just About Trading all-in-one Membership Plan, you will have total access to the Knowledge & Support you need to become a successful trader

  • Over 50 hours of video instruction, broken down into 3 progressive courses. Each module offers students a step by step guide with a follow-up quiz that builds upon the previous lesson.
  • Interactive membership in our Private Trading Group and our supportive community
  • Live Weekly Trading Sessions, including a Q & A dialogue with one of our experts
  • Mentorship from a knowledgeable and experienced community of successful and Profitable Traders along with a team of Industry Experts!

Don’t Believe Us..Sample Our Courses below.

Forex Basics Trading Course

Start by learning the basics of the forex markets and how they work. We will teach you the best way to interpret the market and go with the flow of the markets.


Bank Manipulation Course

Learn the power of the Smart Money method. With this method you will be able to identify when smart money comes into the market and how you can trade with this information.


Advanced Trading Course

Learn to trade any market, any time frame, anywhere with the power of fibonacci trading. Learn all the secrets of fibonacci and if you can master them you will be an institutional trader.


Meet Our Head Trader

Carl found his love for trading early in life. Immediately after high school, at the tender age of 16, he joined the London Stock Exchange’s 2-year youth training program. He then went on to work for HSBC at the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) as a TRS Clerk or “Yellow Jacket”, where he was introduced to the fast-paced world of open outcry trading. In the year 2000, when the LIFFE floor closed, he went on to work for several different CFD and Stockbrokers including the Inter-Dealer Broking Company ICAP.

 Carl then followed his passion for trading by entering the world of spread betting, where he joined Finspreads and then City Index as a desk trader. Whilst there, he was exposed to and executed thousands of trades on behalf of private and institutional clients. He worked with a vast array of asset classes, such as Stocks, Commodities, Bonds, Interest Rates and Forex. During his city career Carl has had the opportunity to study and interact with the World’s Financial Markets from an institutional perspective; this has allowed him to understand the elite institutional approach to trading, and, more importantly how it differs from the majority of private or retail traders.

Carl, along with his partners at Just About Trading, have joined together to create a unique educational platform that combines and teaches these Institutional Level Trading Strategies to private, professional and amateur traders.

Carl Woodhouse



Our Partners

What Our Students Say.

“When I got involved in trading, the first question I asked myself was: Why do 95% of all traders fail? What does the other 5% know that isn´t taught online? What can I say to other traders seeking answers? Sign up, don´t hesitate a second, not for this price anyway! It´s been 4 weeks now and I just finished all courses…The in-depth market insights, the all-comprehensive step-by-step explanations, and the quizzes all exceeded my expectations by 200%! My understanding of market structure improved considerably and now I understand WHAT I see on the charts and WHY. That alone gives me a major edge above other traders.

But there is so much more value: The live trading room allows me to practice what I´ve just learned, I can actually watch the JAT professionals trade live and ask questions about trade setups. Furthermore, the JAT team is always willing to explain or clear up any doubt in the forum. In short, I find myself surrounded by like-minded traders and a SUPERB mentor willing to teach. I really cannot ask for more. Carl and the Team, thank you so much!”

Marian Martin

Just About Trading Student

“Every trader needs time to realize that no Robot, no Signal provider, no “awesome bunch of indicators” will make him profitable when he doesn’t know how to trade by himself! Think for a second, when you want to climb Mount Everest whom will you ask for advice? It’s same in trading- When you want to be a real, professional trader you must find someone who already is one and follow his advice. For these who haven’t found anyone yet, I recommend you contact Carl Woodhouse and join Just About Trading.
Miroslav Hanak

Just About Trading Student

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